The 41st L.A. Korean Festival will aim to spread culture and history

July 3, 2014

korean festival

The spread of Korean culture to American society, as well as the importance of its history, will be the focus of the upcoming 41st Los Angeles Korean Festival.

This year’s festival, titled “Cultural Diversity: A Celebration of Hope for the Ages,” will run through four days at Seoul International Park beginning Sept. 18.

According to the L.A. Korean Festival Foundation, which recently visited Korea, the festival’s main events have been confirmed.

“Flowers That Never Fade,” a cartoon showcasing the history of comfort women, will be put on in conjunction with the Korean Manhwa Contents Agency in both Korean and English.

The exhibition of the cartoon aims not just to teach second-generation Korean Americans but also non-Koreans who attend the festival, the foundation said.

The opening ceremony will kick off with flutist Jason Choi and Korean traditional folk singer Park Ae-ri and her husband, Poppin’ Hyun-joon.

Other performers throughout the festival include taekwondo performance group Tal, traditional folk group So-ri-ah and performers from Korean television programs “Hidden Singer” and “Trot X.” Festival goers can also enjoy food, booths and a UNICEF fundraiser.

The foundation said they have confirmed 70 percent of the 281 total booths.