South Korea’s favorite song? Busker Busker’s ‘Cherry Blossom Ending’

November 4, 2015

South Korea’s favorite song for the past nine years, at least according to one popular music streaming site,, has been the spring go-to “Cherry Blossom Ending” by Busker Busker, Yonhap reported.

Mnet said Wednesday it gathered streaming and download counts from its kickoff date of Oct. 23, 2006 to Oct. 22 this year.

“Cherry Blossom Ending” topped most domestic charts upon its release in March 2012. Since then, it’s earned the nickname “Spring Carol” for its popularity with music lovers each spring.

At No. 2 was “Lies” by Big Bang, which was released in August of 2007. The band saw three songs in the top 10 — “Lies” was joined by “Haru Haru” at No. 5 and “Last Farewell” at No. 9.

Soyou and Junggigo’s “Some,” arguably one of the most-loved songs of last year, came in at No. 3.

“Some” was followed by Girls’ Generation’s “Gee” at No. 4, Park Hyo-shin’s “Wild Flower” at No. 6, 2NE1′s “I Don’t Care” at No. 7, Naul’s “Memory of the Wind” at No. 8 and Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” at No. 10.