Solo’s soccer career not full of hope

December 13, 2016
Daniel Jeoh Lee  Oxford Academy  12th grade

Daniel Jeoh Lee
Oxford Academy
12th grade

Speaking realistically, the national career of goalkeeper Hope Solo is most likely over. After an upset loss to Sweden in the Olympic semifinals, Solo released a statement in which the highlight read:“We played a bunch of cowards. The best team did not win today. I strongly, firmly believe that.”The biting statement lead promptly to her suspension, and possibly a far more severe punishment. Hope was nowhere to be seen in her goalpost during the first friendly of the 2016 season against Romania. All of these hints point to a permanent contract termination for Solo as a National Team Member. Her contract was canceled subsequently to her suspension, which the U.S Soccer Federation had never done in previous (and numerous) altercations.

Solo’s prospects are far from hopeful, and she seemed to recognize this herself. Upon learning of her recent suspension, a furious Solo recorded herself shouting, “Seventeen years, and it‘s over.”It would be difficult to say that Hope’s departure from the team is easy for anyone. A decorated keeper who boasts two Golden Gloves from the past two World Cups and a Bronze Ball suggest her status as the best keeper the game has ever seen. While the younger replacements Alyssa Naeher and Ashlyn Harris are stepping up to fill the hole, there will never be another Hope Solo.

Possibly, however, for better or worse. As many headlines as Hope Solo had for her outstanding performance and shutouts, she had those of her off the field issues. In January of 2015, she was suspended after driving inebriated with her husband in a team van. She also faces charges of domestic violence of her nephew and sister in June of 2014. To top it off her endless string of belligerence and bad sportsmanship only exacerbates her situation.

So should be done in consideration of her actions, both on and off the field? Juxtaposition of those actions show no clear leverage between her off the field atrocities and her phenomenal performance on the field.

However, it comes to this- she‘s simply a bad role model. With her wide spread fame, she has raked up an astounding number of fans who admire her for her achievements and virtuosity. Which only facilitates the spread of her bad influence.


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