Sohee to leave Wonder Girls

December 12, 2013
K-pop signer Sohee

K-pop signer Sohee

Sohee of Wonder Girls will leave the group and the agency JYP Entertainment.

The agency said through a press release that Sohee has expressed a need for change and the desire to focus on acting, which the agency accepted.

The departure of the 21-year-old would leave the four-member Wonder Girls of Sunye, Yeeun,, Yubin and Hyelim on unexpected ground. The agency said that it will determine the schedule and activities of the group depending on the members’ schedule. The group is on an unofficial break following the marriage of Sunye. Both Sunye’s and Yeeun’s contracts are also up for renewal on Dec. 21 and Yubin’s in next September.

The group that debuted in 2007 was phenomenal with such hit songs as “I So Hot,” “Tell Me,” and “Nobody.” In 2009, the group made inroads into the North American market.