Singer Bumkey arrested and charged with drug distribution

December 11, 2014


Hip-hop artist Bumkey was arrested in October on charges of distributing meth and ecstasy, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office in Seoul said Thursday.

The 30-year-old singer, whose off-stage name is Kwon Ki-beom, was charged with selling 6 grams of Philopon — meth — and 10 pills of ecstasy to two people, as well as taking ecstasy himself twice, from August 2012 to September 2013, Yonhap reported.

Kwon denied charges, but the prosecution said they had evidence in the form of witnesses and bank account history.

The prosecutor’s office said two others, identified only by their last names as Song, 35, and Bae, 36, were also arrested and charged on charges of taking and possessing drugs.

Kwon debuted in 2010 and has since collaborated with artists like Primary and Dynamic Duo. Earlier this year, he was named leader of Troy, a hip-hop boy band.

Brand New Music, his agency, told Yonhap the singer is innocent.

“Bumkey knows someone who deals drugs, and he’s being suspected because he exchanged money with them,” the agency said. “The bank transactions were to solve only an outstanding debt, not to buy and sell drugs. That they were drug transactions is a misunderstanding.”


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