Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon travels to L.A. for work and entertainment

October 2, 2014
Mayor Park Won-soon,  at his office in Seoul, South Korea (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon was presented with a pair of shoes after he was re-elected, with the message being “Get busy running for people.” (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)

By The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

Seoul Mayor, Park Won-soon traveled to Los Angeles in late September to tackle a number of projects. The primary agenda for the trip was to observe and study some of L.A.’s emergency preparedness tactics according to a public statement.

After the Sewol ferry accident in South Korea earlier this year, Park is looking for ways to better ensure the safety of his citizens if and when another disaster strikes.

Based on his Facebook post, he also has his sights set on luring Hollywood production companies to South Korea as well.

He met with one of Star Trek 3′s producers, Jeffrey Chernov, who officially “agreed to film a portion of the upcoming movie in Seoul.”

The meeting was held at Paramount Pictures Studio.