Prosecutors decide on suspended indictment for G.O.D. member Son Ho-young

August 28, 2014
Son Ho-young

Son Ho-young (Yonhap)

SEOUL (Yonhap) — Prosecutors have suspended the indictment of a singer who attempted suicide last year by taking a common prescription drug that induces sleep.

Son Ho-young, a member of popular boy band G.O.D., has been investigated on suspicion of taking zolpidem without prescription in May 2013 when he attempted to kill himself just days after the body of his girlfriend was found in his car along with an empty bottle of sleeping pills, a used briquette and a suicide note.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office said it has decided not to bring charges against Son, citing his lack of a prior drug conviction and other reasons.

“There is no circumstantial evidence that (Son) has since used the drug,” said a prosecutor close to the investigation, adding that the singer has shown remorse for his crime.

Earlier, Son’s management agency admitted that the singer took the insomnia drug in an apparent suicide attempt following the death of his girlfriend, but said he has not used the drug since.

The use of zolpidem, a prescription drug widely used to treat insomnia, can lead to negative side effects, such as hallucinations and amnesia.

Debuting as a member of the popular boy band G.O.D. in 1999, 34-year-old Son released a solo album in 2006. The versatile singer is concurrently working as a TV and musical actor.