Popular sports commentator in trouble for fraud

November 10, 2015
Ha Il-sung

Ha Il-sung (Yonhap)

Popular South Korean baseball commentator Ha Il-sung, 66, was booked without being taken into custody by Seoul police Wednesday for fraud.

According to police, Ha borrowed 30 million won, or about $25,900, from 44-year-old Park but has failed to pay him back. Ha allegedly told Park last November that he needed to pay 50 million won in taxes for a building he owned in Gangnam District, and he’d pay him back in a week.

Eight months after lending him the money, Park reported the case to police in July.

During the investigation, police found that Ha does not own the building he had told Park about. The last building under Ha’s name was sold two years ago.

Police said Ha admitted to most of the charges. He told police he currently brings in more than 12 million won a month but that he has been unable to pay the money back because his company is heavily in debt.

Ha is a former KBS baseball commentator who is currently active on a sports cable channel.