Park renews call for correct history education

December 15, 2015

SEOUL (Yonhap) — President Park Geun-hye said Tuesday that history should be taught “correctly” for young South Koreans in what could be the latest move to advocate for state history textbooks.

“I think history achieved by our elders should be taught correctly in order for our country to leap forward,” Park said during a luncheon she hosted for the elderly at Cheong Wa Dae, South Korea’s presidential office.

The invited guests included those who turned 100 this year, aged residents of foreign countries, and retirees who are active as social volunteers or in other jobs.

Stressing the importance of history for the young generation, Park asked the attendees to “show wisdom and strength so that the future generation can have the right and positive view.”

Her remarks came a month after the government announced it will revise the current textbook publication system so that middle and high school students will learn Korean history through national textbooks starting in the 2017 school year.

Currently, history textbooks for secondary schools are published by eight private publishing companies pending government approval.



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  1. Gary

    November 29, 2017 at 4:08 AM

    I think history is the main subject that children should study. History is the key of love and respect to your home country. When i was studying in university at the last year i chose this subject. My friends tolm that history dissertation won’t be useful in future because i won’t be a teacher or smth like that. But when i’d defenced it i was very pleased.