Netflix’s next target may be South Korea

October 9, 2014

netflixBy The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

Netflix most likely has plans to expand into South Korea after extending their services to most of Europe.

Netflix, one of the most popular movie and television online streaming companies released a job opening on LinkedIn looking for bilingual individuals who are fluent in English as well as “Arabic, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Polish, and Hungarian.”

Despite the wide net cast in the job description, South Korea is a country that has been mentioned multiple times across Netflix job openings.

The reason Netflix would be so keen on this particular market has to do with the country’s peerless broadband infrastructure – in simpler terms, its internet speeds are peerless and would allow citizens to receive the absolute highest quality video offered without  much of a barrier.

With Korean television shows reaching an unprecedented level of international popularity, tapping into this market might also allow Netflix to cross license these shows to other countries.

Currently, sites like dominate the digital distribution for these shows. With a move into South Korea, Netflix may be able to siphon’s viewers into their own customer base.


  1. Ali Jawad

    October 10, 2014 at 1:10 PM

    Best part about Netflix is is you can change your Netflix region to USA or otherwise using this trick this means you could be watching Netflix from Korea right now

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