NCT 127 to drop 6th studio album ‘Walk’ next month

June 24, 2024

NCT 127 will release its sixth full-length album, titled “Walk,” next month, the group’s agency SM Entertainment said Monday.

The album will be available on various music services on July 15 at 6 p.m. and will feature 11 tracks spanning diverse genres, including the title track “Walk.”

The LP reflects on the group’s journey in pioneering what it calls the “Neo” genre with its unique musical style and its future path, according to the agency.

Formed in July 2016 as the second sub-group of the K-pop supergroup NCT, NCT 127 has gained popularity with hit songs, such as “Fact Check,” “2 Baddies,” “Sticker” and “Kick It.”

The team’s last release was the winter special album “Be There For Me” released in December 2023, following its fifth full-length album “Fact Check” released two months earlier.