N.K. propaganda outlet slams S. Korea for relying on outsiders for peace on Korean Peninsula

October 28, 2019

- A North Korean propaganda outlet lashed out at South Korea on Monday for seeking cooperation from foreign countries for peace on the Korean Peninsula, saying the issue should be dealt with by none other than the two Koreas themselves.

Uriminzokkiri, one of the North’s propaganda websites, made the argument after President Moon Jae-in expressed gratitude for the international community’s support for his peace drive when he hosted a reception for foreign ambassadors in Seoul earlier this month.

It also pointed out that progress in inter-Korean ties was a result of the efforts by the two Koreas.

Meari, another North Korean propaganda outlet, released a similar article the previous day, saying that dependence on foreign countries is a path to destroy inter-Korean relations.

The criticism came days after North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered that all South Korean-built facilities at the North’s Mount Kumgang be destroyed in a threat to end their joint tourism program to the mountain.

The order was seen as an expression of frustration amid a stalemate in a series of cross-border projects due to international sanctions imposed on Pyongyang.

On Monday, Seoul proposed working-level talks with the North to discuss the issues over the Mount Kumgang program. But it is unclear whether the North will accept the dialogue proposal.