Mamamoo delves into gloominess, tranquility of color ‘Blue;S’

November 29, 2018

SEOUL, Nov. 28 (Yonhap) — Powerful vocalists Mamamoo came back to the K-pop forefront Thursday with their new album, “Blue;S,” which delves into the gloomy and tranquil sides of the color blue.

Depicting the feelings of loneliness after a breakup, the third in their color-themed album series marks a sharp turnaround from their previous record, “Red Moon,” a collection of sultry, passionate summer numbers released earlier this year.

The main track, “Wind Flower,” embodies a language of flowers representing the sad feelings after a breakup. It’s a mellow melody which nevertheless bears Mamamoo’s signature sexy and dynamic vibes and raspy vocals.

“While we have so far put on vivacious, bright faces, this album explores chilly, lonely and sentimental feelings. This may be the most serious of our albums so far,” member Hwasa said.

“Blue;S” is part of the female quartet’s “Four Seasons, Four Colors” album project and turns its focus to member Solar’s signature color blue. The letter S in the album title refers to her initial.

“Since March, we have done yellow and red and now come to blue. Blue could easily conjure up summer’s cooling, refreshing feelings; on the other hand, however, it also carries the sentiment of being lonely and gloomy,” Solar said.

The main song’s retro-style music video was filmed in Hong Kong, with each of the four members acting out four phases of a breakup — regret, reminiscence, inner conflict and restoration — according to Hwasa.

“Intro,” whose Korean title translates as “From Autumn to Winter,” opens up the six-track album, which includes another unusually captivating track — “Better than I Thought.”

The album also includes Solar’s own composition and solo work “Hello” as the fourth track.

The new release is sure to further add to the top-charting girl band’s high profile after they successfully made a formal debut in Japan, where they gave their first concert tour last month.

“Before going to Japan, we were very worried about (the local reaction) because we have not been well known there. Meeting up with fans, however, we were very surprised and grateful for their support,” Solar said. “I wish that we would have more time to meet with Japanese fans and we hope to meet with more fans in other foreign countries too.”

The members of Mamamoo showcase their new album, "Blue;S," in a press event on Nov. 29, 2018. (Yonhap)


 The members of Mamamoo showcase their new album, “Blue;S,” in a press event on Nov. 29, 2018. (Yonhap)