Lydia Ko as a super hero? Marvel whips up new character

December 11, 2015


By Brian Han

Lydia Ko might as well be a super hero.

Any 18-year-old needs to be superhuman to dominate the world of women’s golf the way she has.

That’s why Marvel teamed up with ESPN to give her the comic book treatment along with 25 other female athletes that made a significant cultural and professional impact in 2015.

Her name?

Girl Wonder. It seems to be catching on as well. Ko’s swing coach David Leadbetter made sure that her spot on the range donned the name of her new alter ego.

In 2015, the Korean New Zealander rose to the top of the world rankings before her 18th birthday beating out Tiger Woods’ record by four years.

She also won her first major, topped the money list at $2.8 million, took home Player of the Year and locked up five LPGA Tour victories.

The way it seems, she’s only getting better. Ko is a Girl Wonder indeed.