[LAT] Spicy soup and more Korean comfort food at Yook Cal Bop Sang in Koreatown

February 17, 2016
(Facebook photo)

(Facebook photo)


Name of restaurant: Yook Cal Bop Sang. “Yook cal” is a mash-up of yookgaejang (a spicy beef soup) and calgooksu (knife-cut noodles). “Bop Sang” literally translates to rice or meal table — because rice is synonymous with meal in Korean — which is to say, a dining table.

Owner: This is one of the many restaurants and franchises owned by Baek Jong-won, who is famous in Korea for his appearances on the shows “My Little Television” and “House Cook Master Baek.” Though he’s not a professionally trained chef, he’s known for his down-home and simple cooking style, and his unpretentious Chungcheong-do accent.  The Los Angeles location opened in 2015; the Seoul location opened in 1993. [READ MORE]

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