Korean crime-action film to open in North America on Jan. 9

December 29, 2014
(Lotte Entertainment Facebook photo)

(Lotte Entertainment Facebook photo)

SEOUL (Yonhap) — “The Con Artists,” a Korean film starring Kim Woo-bin, will open in five foreign countries in North America and Asia, its investor-distributor said Tuesday.

The crime-action flick is scheduled to open in North America on Jan. 9 and Taiwan on Jan. 23 and sometime later in mainland China and Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines, Lotte Entertainment said.

Directed by rookie filmmaker Kim Hong-sun, the film is about a ring of clear-headed safecrackers attempting to steal a huge slush fund from a customs office in 40 minutes.

It has attracted some 1.5 million viewers since it opened in local theaters last Wednesday.