Korean actor Huh Joon-ho offers acting classes in LA

December 30, 2014
Heo Joon-ho, right, with JC Works Entertainment co-CEO Kim Jung-hoon.

Heo Joon-ho, right, with JC Works Entertainment co-CEO Kim Jung-hoon.

You may have seen him in films, TV dramas and musicals like “Silmido” or “Jumong,” but you’ve never seen him like this — Huh Joon-ho, a 30-year Korean acting veteran, has set up an entertainment company in Los Angeles.

Huh, who joined hands with co-CEO Kim Jung-hoon last year in December, is now heading JC Works Entertainment, which looks to find and mentor talents to develop through its musical and acting academies before they set out to work in films, musicals and music.

The actor will teach acting classes at the academy.

“After experiencing countless failures and trials as an actor for 30 years, I feel the most important thing for a successful entertainer in this age is mentoring,” Huh said. “I want to help those who dream of being entertainers find their identities on the right road by using my experiences on the screen, on TV and on the stage.”

The agency’s academies offer classes divided by youth, adults, hobbyists and professionals and are open to anyone who wants to learn acting or singing, he said.

Kim said there is a lack of academies in the U.S. for Korean Americans who dream of acting and singing.

“In contrast to other entertainment agencies, even those who are not very skilled can learn as a hobby,” Kim said.

JCW will also overlook an upcoming Yoon Bok-hee concert due to take place in Los Angeles Jan. 9 to 10.

“We could have brought over idol singers, but because this is our first concert project, we wanted to invite Yoon Bok-hee, whom first-generation Korean Americans are familiar with,” Huh said.

For more information, call 213-223-6177 or visit www.jcworksent.com.

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  1. Max Williams

    June 13, 2017 at 4:30 PM

    I’m casting Korean actors for a short trailer to be shot in July in the LA area. Please let me know if your agency can be a resource.
    Thanks, Max Williams