Kim Hyun-joong reportedly being sued by ex-girlfriend for $1.48 million

May 4, 2015
Kim Hyun-joong (Yonhap)

Kim Hyun-joong (Yonhap)

Korean singer-actor Kim Hyun-joong, 28, is being sued by his former girlfriend, whom he was accused of physically assaulting last year, for a sum of $1.48 million, according to local media.

Kim’s attorney, Lee Jae-man, confirmed the report to Yonhap Monday and said his girlfriend, identified only as Choi, filed the lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court early last month.

Lee said Choi’s reasons for filing the suit pointed toward mental damages from her relations with the star, including a pregnancy announced in February following charges she filed against Kim last August citing multiple instances of physical abuse.

Choi, who said Kim assaulted her to the point she had to go to the hospital for weeks at a time — with alleged injuries including a broken rib and bruises — dropped charges in September.

Kim, who has delayed his mandatory military enlistment date twice since last August, is expected to enter service this month.


  1. Teleri

    May 4, 2015 at 7:49 PM

    She is a total piece of work. Whatever. KHJ said he’d support her if she was carrying her child, she’s gone OUT of her way (not counting the abuse charges, BTW) to destroy his career & now she’s going to do this. Just, OMG. No words.

  2. Hamm

    May 4, 2015 at 11:51 PM

    It’s almost a year, if not over, that this issue between Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend (Choi) came out. Since then it’s been so many stories/news or other, accusations over accusations. The dirty laundry that was supposed to be private became public, ex-girlfriend turned from an abused victim to a pregnant victim as she claimed. And when we thought the issues or enough dirt has been aired already; we read another bombshell on May 4, 2015, this same woman (Choi) suing the almost 2,000 plus Netizens that made comments on the web about her issues, how on earth do you sue people whom you don’t even know?
    These commenters are from all over the world; if I could remember, you made this issue a public one the moment you started giving interviews, aired text messages and accused him of an abuse. If you really were not expecting anyone to comment, then you shouldn’t have gone to the press or were you expecting the commenters/netizens to say more positive things about you, but unfortunately it didn’t happened as you wish.
    As if suing the fans are not enough, an hour later, boom! You’re suing Kim Hyun Joong, wow! Don’t you get tired of playing all this manipulative and shameful game? Kim Hyun Joong and his family receives so many blames and hate comments, but they stay quiet even at the expense of his career, he never gave an interview or post any text messages between both of you to the media, he took the heats from every corner and never for once releases your identity or trash you. So, MS (Choi) are they all not enough for you? This is a man that lost a lot because of your accusations, but yet you still not had enough, I thought you once loved this man? Man and woman do fall in love and break up when they’re not compatible, is not a big deal, but why is yours so different? If you really don’t know, I will tell you that you’re now a laughing stock even to the people that once supported you.
    My message to the media in South Korea is that they really need to always double check there stories from both angles before publishing or passing judgements. Do you news outlets still believe that this woman is still a victim? You’re the media(the ears and eyes of everyone), if you dig deeper into her background, you’ll see that this is not her first time of blackmailing or accusing men into making money and destroying them. The only reason why this is different is because he’s a celebrity which she can milk more money from.
    I want South Koreans to know that people get to know more about you worldwide because of KPOP and KDRAMA ( worldwide known celebrity like Park Si Hoo, KIM HYUN JOONG, Lee Byung-hun, Rain and so on.) So, why are you allowing these lazy, desperate and gold digging women to ruin them? These men (celebrities) are the building blocks, representatives of your culture that makes foreigners rush or wants to learn more about your culture. What happened when these building blocks are been removed or destroyed? It’s high time that you people need to stand up against blackmail and supports your ‘sons’, if you did not stop all this women from blackmailing and destroying your reputation, sooner or later nobody will know or heard anything about your culture, tourism, KPOP,KDRAMA and also foreigner will be afraid of coming to your country because just a little contact with this women might lead to lawsuit or blackmail.
    To those who supported her claim of an abused, do you still believes that she’s a victim? Do you think the best thing for her to do since she said she’s expecting his baby and wants to be a single mother is to sue him for $1.48million? How did he cause her a “psychological harm”? She’s the only one doing the talking, interviews and airing of text messages. So, is he supposed to be liable for that? (I could remember the interview she gave that she wasn’t interested in his money, but now she does. Actually, this is all she wanted all along.).
    I, as a 58years old woman, mother, and grandmother will never wish a woman like her for my sons, because she said kim hyun joong is the father of her unborn child, and all she does is trying to destroy him totally; so what happened when the child grows up, heard the story of how the mother destroy the father’s life. What will she tell him/her?
    What even baffles me is that her parents couldn’t even give her a good parental advice. Why did they keep quiet? Why did they allowed her to shame them and the entire womanhood with all her framing, manipulative and desperate games?
    Now it’s not too late for her parent to talk some senses into her, because nemesis will catch up with her one day. Madam choi, please think twice before you destroy some else’s life; one day you’ll be a mother and how would you feel if a woman does the same to your son? Remember, what goes around, comes around. What you sow, you shall reap.
    If my article will cause me to be sued by you, please don’t hesitate to, but please at least include a plane ticket with it.
    I am appealing to all the good women of South Korean to not allow these lazy and gold digging women to destroy your reputation; please end this blackmailing and disgusting ways of all this mentally unstable women like her.
    Kim hyun joong, I have sons older and about your age, my advice to you is that next time you want to date a woman, please be careful and know a little bit about their background and mental state before you proceed. People makes mistake in life, but one mistake is enough for you to learn. This woman is that mistake, a bitter mistake in your life.
    As for madam and whosever is aiding her in destroying kim hyun joong, I think both of you need to think twice and remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. Both of you need to stop now; haven’t you done enough damages already? Do you have conscience? A word is enough for the wise. (That’s if she’s wise).
    Conclusion: you’re after money right from the beginning; you only execute your plans step by step. You mapped it out right from beginning.

    Thank You

    • Alegria

      May 12, 2015 at 2:12 PM

      How do you know about Ms Choi background? We don’t even know her name. I’m really interested in knowing why are you saying that.

  3. Melina M Z

    May 5, 2015 at 7:46 AM


    Thank you very much for that!
    Unfortunately, I doubt very much that she’s wise ~

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  5. baiart67

    May 5, 2015 at 4:47 PM

    Mrs. Hamm u r right but remember she’s a woman scorned!!! Kim Hyun Joong was cheating and abusive then on top of all that he kept trying to come back in her life!!! But when u r in love even when u know it’s not right as women we still try!!! So Ms. Choi did that and lost!!! Now she’s out for revenge not right but payback is a bitch!!!! To Hyun Joong be careful when breaking a woman’s heart cause she’ll do just like Ms. Choi!!! Take care of your child forgive and move on!!! Her reap what u sow will come back around soon enough and back again!!! U got payback through her and soon her payback will come through someone else!!! Peace and love!!!

  6. Diana

    May 5, 2015 at 11:11 PM

    What on earth is wrong with all of you who are condemning this woman without even knowing the full story? NO ONE other than the two parties involved, Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi, know the whole truth of the matter. Were any of you there in their bedroom? Did you have access to all of their private communications? Of course not. So why jump to these conclusions? Don’t get me wrong, I was (and still am) a fan of Hyun Joong’s. But IF he did indeed abuse this woman, then that is WRONG. Period. End of story. Have any of you stopped to consider that using the media to her advantage is a way for her to seek justice and, in a way, protection. Now that the story is out, she has some level of leverage in keeping him from harming her! Is it possible that she planned this. Yes. But highly doubtful. I can’t imagine anyone going to such lengths, becoming hated by thousands, having to lead an isolated existence, etc. just for some cash. So many of you are so quick to forgive Hyun Joong for his actions, or even deny that it ever happened. I ask you, would YOU put up with abuse, or in Mrs. Hamm’s case, allow your children to be abused. What if your abuser threatened you with further violence and you felt you couldn’t escape? Might you not turn to the public for support by bringing the terrible situation to light? Seriously, Hyun Joong will not be ruined by this. The fact that his fans are rabidly fanatic about him, to the point of irrationality, speaks to this. He has more money than most of us will ever have. Ruined? I don’t think so. Ms. Choi, however, will have to live with the nightmare of what happened to her for the rest of her life. Her external scars will heal. But I guarantee you, she will carry internal scars for a long time to come. Bottom line is this…I am by no means saying abandon Hyun Joong. He needs support and counseling. However, with the same open and forgiving heart, please don’t be so quick to heap hatred and condemn the other victim in this tragic tale.

  7. Kimberly

    May 6, 2015 at 2:22 AM

    So Diana what you’re saying is that it’s good for her to sue the one person she called the father of her unborn child? She started this internet frenzy, giving interview, text message that were supposed to be private become public. So why is she asking for money now? She needed an apology and she got it. Kim hyun joong hasn’t done anything to her after their first issue. What psychological harm? Seriously, everything about her is FAKE.

  8. Jessara

    May 7, 2015 at 8:58 PM

    I’m just wondering why in the first place KHJ bit her up what’s the reason?

  9. Jessara

    May 7, 2015 at 9:00 PM

    I’m sure there’s gotta be one and I’d like to know “why”

  10. A K Aurasmaa

    May 9, 2015 at 2:41 PM

    I have been following the case of Kim HyunJoon with an academic interest in the Korean pop-scene. As I first noticed that all the published images of Ms. Choi’s injuries were not real, and in one of them there seems to be a mark of a hand indicating defence rather than assault, I started to wonder the role of each of them in their relationship. I analyzed the news and published SMS-messages in light of Kim HyunJoong’s statements in other instances; and of course I paid attention to the later development with the pregnancy etc. If I was not sure earlier, the baby-news made it pretty obvious to me, that she, being manipulative, was the one “on top” and “in charge” in this partnership.

    There is nothing wrong with this kind of relationships as such, people are different and their needs are different. Even bodily harm can be caused pleasurably, as is well known these days. The only thing is that for success in their life together both partners need to understand and agree on the balance/imbalance.

    In this case the balance seems to have not been agreed on. Also, I think that the mental distress is far more serious matter than the bruises. I am certain, that also KJH, and not only Ms Choi, has really suffered, and the broken ribs or money are not the main issues at all. My main interest of study is the public figure, i.e. KJH, not Ms Choi, thus not so many comments on her here.

    It must be said that KJH did gain some with publication of a girlfriend; all the talks of his gayness seem to have vanished. This is a slim pleasure, though, as he lost his face as a strong, adult male in control of his life. This story, as it is known to public, shows that he can be played, his need to “hunt women” — caused probably by so many “hunting him” — can be used against him. Publishing her story, Ms Choi showed her power not once but twice, assuring that this is not just another case of abusive boyfriend but a woman using her control over a man so many want.

    Ms Choi used the certain helplessness against media and nearly inhuman expectations the stars have to face that are inbuilt in the Korean pop-culture to drag KJH down to his knees. It seems that the quietness, KJH’s side has chosen as a strategy, is about the only way to keep any of the respect left. Only time will show how the army and long separation will affect the two and the child, and KJH’s career.

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  12. Jennifer

    May 25, 2015 at 4:45 PM

    She should just like the guy alone. He has suffered enough already.

    • elle

      July 31, 2015 at 1:11 AM

      What are you people? How could you stupid media believes what that woman told you? IBTIMES, ALLKPOP, KOREABO you are pathetic, you people are so blind to the truth, and that’s why the women in South Korea turn too blackmailer and gold digger. You can published what she says, but what happened to what Kim Hyun Joong says? This is ridiculous and malicious of you, if you media think she’s telling the truth, why can’t she provide the evidence and leave the rest to the court.
      If you media think she’s the victim, then why was she with him till December? why did she slept with him again to get pregnant? Choi made up all this lies and you medial are helping her manipulate the issue into something. choi will not get away with all what she has done, and it’s high time she stop all this nonsense. she needs to get a life and get a job, she’s a parasite who feed on the wealthy man.
      You media need to published better news and not what she says. if she has the proof, all she needs to do is take it to court but rather she runs to the media. What the hell is wrong with you Korean media. How many more of your sons should women like choi destroyed with your help. you people need to wake up to reality.
      What planet do you people live in, this women like choi are destroying the reputation of the women in South Korea, and all you can do is publishing her lies. You people are as mentally unstable as choi.

  13. a woman scorned

    June 8, 2016 at 11:44 PM

    Welcome Home! | Georgetown University