Hot trend in S. Korean cuisine this fall is squid

October 29, 2015


By Brian Han

Koreans love squid. That’s nothing new.

With the World Health Organization’s findings of red and processed meat causing cancer and a high supply of squid from this year’s harvest, it’s perfect timing for the tentacled creature to move into the spotlight.

“Squid carries an ingredient called taurine, which can help increase stamina and relieve fatigue ,” a catering industry official told Yonhap.

With dipping prices due to a larger supply, chefs are taking risks and implementing new ideas for what to do with the tentacled seafood.

For example, Korean restaurant chain Nolbu is doing a variation on “bossam” which is normally a pork dish. Instead, they are making squid the primary ingredient, while also offering a squid-only menu.

(Courtesy of Nolbu)

(Courtesy of Nolbu Restaurant / Yonhap)

Part of the draw is to create healthier options for consumers as well. Nolbu hopes to offset the fattiness of the pork with its new ideas.

Elena Kitchen completely replaced the pork cutlet with a squid resulting in one giant piece of calamari. They also mix  it into their pastas and risottos.

Another restaurant chain Todai will be featuring a dish that includes squid stuffed with meat and vegetables — a favorite especially for those in the eastern Gangwon province where the recipe originated.



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