[HOT LINKS] Faith Strengthens Aging Parents As They Care For Their Son

July 8, 2014

(NPR) A good night’s sleep is rare for Judy and James Lee. They are on parenting duty 24/7 for their son, Justin.


James Lee carries his son, Justin, to the shower. Justin’s parents have a lift to help move him around the house, but their nearly 100-pound son, who has cerebral palsy, often needs to be picked up. (Courtesy of NPR – Andrew Nixon/Capital Public Radio)

Justin, who has cerebral palsy and was born missing parts of his brain, also has a seizure disorder, which has gotten worse lately. He’s often silent during his seizures, which means he has to sleep with his parents so they can tell when he needs help. Judy says caring for Justin is a lot like taking care of a newborn.

“You’re in that kind of survival mode those first few months, where your baby’s schedule is your schedule. And you sleep when they sleep and you eat when they eat. And all your focus and attention is on them,” she says.

Except Justin is not a baby. He just turned 16 and weighs 100 pounds. He can’t talk, he can’t walk and he’ll always require around-the-clock care. Like the estimated 17 million people in the U.S. taking care of their special-needs kids, Judy’s days largely consist of making sure Justin’s needs are met.

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