Devon Allen has bright future as multi-sport athlete

September 26, 2016
Ed Kim Crean  Lutheran High School  10th Grade

Ed Kim Crean
Lutheran High School
10th Grade

Devon Allen is a 21 years old multi-sports player. His major sport was football since high school, where he played wide receiver. He was so good, in fact, that the University of Oregon offered him a scholarship to play football.

Interestingly, he recently competed in the 2016 Olympics as a hurdler. Devon himself announced that he hasn’t decided if he is going to be a football player or hurdle runner as his major. The American Sports Institution showed interest on his athleticism because he’s so talented in both sports, which has proven to the world that he is athlete who deserves our attention.

He wasn’t able to get any medal in the 2016 Olympics, as he took longer on his 400-meter hurdle run than he did on his practice, but audiences are still surprised at his agility and body control, something he learned in football. He was also so skilled that his coach at Oregon mentioned that there is little he can do to improve upon technique – it’s just a matter of speed. Vill Lananna, the head coach of USA men’s track and field team, stated that he is going to be an excellent runner in a few years, after some more training with the U.S. track and field program.

While everyone is interest in his path as hurdle runner, Devon himself claimed that he didn’t gave up on his dream as football player yet. He stated that it was an honor to attend such a prestigious sporting event, but that he wasn’t yet prepared to give up on his dreams of being a football player. His coaches have said that he’s always been a player who shows up first and goes home last. His practices took place no matter if he was on the football field or not, and at the end of his high school year he became the fastest player on his high school team.

We should all keep our eyes on Devon Allen when the Olympics comes around again in 2020.



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