Complicated Love

August 3, 2016
Alison Moon Palms Middle School 7th Grade

Alison Moon
Palms Middle School 7th Grade

Once again, it was a cool breezy Saturday night in July. My friends and their families drove to Sierra Madre’ s Memorial Park to watch Shakespeare’ s masterpiece“ Romeo and Juliet.” I watched the people near me unfold their small green chairs and spread out a blanket. The play was performed by the Downtown Repertory Theater Company. They also have a variety of dates for the up- coming play“, Twelfth Night.”

As we all know, Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story in which young lovers pay the ultimate price with their lives, because of the conflict between the two families. The Downtown Repertory Theater Company’ s interpretation of Romeo and Juliet was very modernized and contemporary. We could clearly see a suit and a simple flowing dress was not ordinary 14th century; it’ s usually the ankle or floor length dresses with lots of head accessories. The Downtown Repertory Theater Company had an amazing perfor- mance, and I wish for more Shakespeare plays from their actors.

Although this play was contemporary, there were still realistic sword fights by the actors and the creation of a potion that would make one look dead.

My favorite character was the Nurse. Her humor is shown greatly. When she is insulted by Mercutio who calls her,“ Ancient lady” she makes a sudden movement of her fan showing that she is offended. That made me let out a few giggles of laughter.

The part that I thought was interesting was the temporary death of Juliet. Imagine being forced to marry someone just because of their social position, looks, and wealth. Now imagine the frustration you would be feeling. You would do anything to get away from them. When given a potion that would help you escape from that fate, you drink it quickly. You feel a sudden coldness run over your body as if the sun had been covered by the clouds. Then, you feel drowsy, you can barely breath, and you wonder if it feels this way to die. You close your eyes to run away from the light of the living world, into a deep, deep sleep. This was what Juliet felt everyday.

Every single Saturday, I wake up excited for a new adventure from the producers. It’ s free for everyone, and allows us to commu- nicate. While learning a new lesson, why not go and enjoy your Saturday afternoons with a Shakespeare play.

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