Bravery of young girl in a devastating situation

January 12, 2015

st0112-01Just two days after New Years, a seven-year-old girl took a plane trip with her parents, her sister, and her younger cousin.

According to the Kentucky State Police Sgt. Dean Patterson, the cause of the crash was engine problems that had been reported but may have been addressed too late. Miraculously, one young girl brought herself out of the debris of the airplane-after being shocked beyond belief seeing her entire family unconscious- she walked until she arrived at the house of Larry Wilkins of Lyon Country.

Though she was crying and traumatized, thankfully, she was physically able to proceed. She was taken to the hospital for “non-threatening life injuries”, so although she was not hurt too badly, it was still enough for her to rest and be treated by professionals.

The site that the plane crashed into is an area off the Buckberry Trail in Western Kentucky. The little girl and her family were headed back home to Illinois, but did not make it back.

On the morning of January 3,2014, the four family members who had undergone such misfortune were all found and identified. Lastly, at the request of other family members, the name of this brave young girl will not be publically released.

The fact that this little girl was able to calm herself down and find help from a complete stranger after having experienced the most devastating event of her young life is courageous and inspiring. It is amazing that the little girl was able to quickly recover and bring herself together to search for outside help to find the plane crash as soon as possible.

The bravery seen by the actions of this little girl is extremely rare to find even in older adults. Though this girl experienced a terrible calamity at such a young age, she will persevere and become a remarkable young lady in the future.


st0112-01-1 Katherine Kim
Troy High School 10th Grade

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