Average American to spend $173 on mom for holiday: report

May 8, 2015
(Courtesy of Garry Knight via Flickr/Creative Commons)

(Courtesy of Garry Knight via Flickr/Creative Commons)

By Brian Han

Mothers in the U.S. should prepare to receive their most expensive Mother’s Day gifts in years because according to a survey by the National Retail Federation (NRF), Americans are projected to spend an average of $172.63 on their moms this year.

The figure marks the highest amount in the survey’s 12-year history with total holiday spending to reach $21.2 billion.

Here’s where the costs come from according to the NRF.

The list starts with a greeting card (responsible for $786 million in revenue), which is fairly standard. Can’t forget flowers ($2.4 billion) and clothing ($1.9 billion), which are always thoughtful additions.

Then the list starts to get a little more specific.

“Families will also surprise mom with a special brunch or activity ($3.8 billion), electronic items like a new smartphone or e-reader ($1.8 billion), personal services such as a spa day ($1.5 billion), housewares or gardening tools ($890 million) and books and CDs ($480 million),” the survey results read.

And if you want to “wow” mom, the NRF suggests purchasing jewelry ($4.3 billion) for her as well.

The data can seem overwhelming so the main takeaway regardless of how much you decide to spend this year is to show her the gratitude and love that you don’t often get a chance to express.