America’s Next Top Model Justin Kim trying to change ‘Asian male’ image

November 16, 2015

By Brian Han

Misrepresentation of Asian males in American pop culture is becoming more of a trending topic these days even though it has been going on for decades (see Mickey Rooney’s portrayal of his character Mr. Yunioshi in 1961′s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”).

The issue is being brought into the mainstream consciousness thanks to a slew of Asian American figures in the entertainment industry who have chosen to speak up on the issue.

The latest comes from 23-year-old “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Justin Kim.

“I definitely feel I have a responsibility to represent a demographic that’s been, I guess, attacked with misconceptions, just a negative connotation,” he told the host of ANTM’s post show.

“Especially for Asian males, like I said they’re clowned  a lot, ‘oh, they’re not confident,’ just so many that I don’t approve of.”

He went on to say that he hopes to play a role in changing that same perception.