Air purifiers sales rise as pollution heightens in Dehi NCR

December 11, 2017

In Dehi India, the city witnessed six days of heavy smog and schools had to be shut down.

The sale is roughly the same in our other stores as well. Pollution monitors displayed alarmingly high concentrations of PM 2.5 and PM 10. Air pollution in India is quite a serious issue with the major sources being fuelwood and biomass burning, fuel adulteration, vehicle emission and traffic congestion.

The average trip speed on many Indian city roads is less than 20 kilometers per hour; a 10 kilometer trip can take 30 minutes, or more. At such speeds, vehicles in India emit air pollutants 4 to 8 times more than they would with less traffic congestion; Indian vehicles also consume a lot more carbon footprint fuel per trip, than they would if the traffic congestion was less. Emissions of particles and heavy metals increase over time because the growth of the fleet and mileage outpaces the efforts to curb emissions. All the pollution produce that is the developing country want to get higher economic or GDP in a faster way, this cause some factories or people do some harmful things for the air. India produces 1.65 Gt per year, after China (6.9 Gt per year) and the United States (5.2 Gt per year)

Kerosene is more difficult to burn than gasoline; Because of the Kerosene is difficult to burn, the gasoline and gasoline combine become a special gasoline that can used longer. its addition results in higher levels of HC, CO and PM emissions even from catalyst-equipped cars. The higher sulfur level of kerosene is another issue. Finally, the special gasoline gets more pollution than usual.

An air purifier or air purifier is a device that removes contaminants from room air. These devices are usually marketed to benefit allergic and asthma patients and reduce or eliminate secondhand smoke. Commercially rated air purifiers are manufactured as small standalone units or larger units of HVAC units that can be fixed to an air handling unit (AHU) or found in the medical, industrial and commercial industries.

Today, Dehi got a bad air smoke, it influence people’s normal doing. The air purifier company could be feel excited, because It has seen an 8x increase in sales in the last 24 hours across mi.com and online partners This could be shows the air purifiers user are so huge and in some ways bring some economic for the country. Price is around 20,000 INR. (1 INR=0.0153613USD). Equal 307 dollars. The smoke give those company fees, but also the smoke hurt Indian’s health.

The air pollution looks like the invisible killer. It will cause a spike in the mortality rate of patients suffering heart and lung diseases. I believe one day the air of the world would be get clean.

<Allan Zhao /Crean Lutheran High School 11th Grade>


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