Actress Choi Ji-woo cast in new drama

July 25, 2016

SEOUL, July 25 (Yonhap) — Actress Choi Ji-woo has been cast in a new TV series about a law firm secretary who overcomes a personal crisis to realize her dreams, MBC TV said Monday.

Choi, one of the original stars of the “hallyu” popularity of Korean culture worldwide, will play the female protagonist Cha Geum-ju in the drama whose title roughly translates to “The woman with the carrier.”

Cha is an attractive and able career woman who falls into a trap but later gets back on her feet to achieve success as a lawyer.

“Instead of being a serious legal drama, it will cover the political, financial and entertainment circles, as well as social issues, the paparazzi, and ordinary people inside the legal circle,” the broadcaster said.

The series will premiere in September.

Choi Ji-woo.

Choi Ji-woo.