A plate full of Global Youth Missions

July 25, 2016
Brandon Kim Chaminade College Prep 11th Grade

Brandon Kim
Chaminade College Prep 11th Grade

This summer, a local non-profit organization I am involved with, GYM (Global Youth Mission), has had its plate full with several events.

The first major event that members volunteered at was the Children’ s Bureau Science Day, which occurred on June 13. At the Science Day, GYM demonstrated an experiment, and then helped the children recreate it. It was both entertaining and educational, a win for all involved.

On June 18th, Admission Masters and GYM hosted the 2016 CAN College Fair. GYM members helped out at the Col- lege Fair by assisting the various college representatives that were present, as well as ensuring that the event ran as smoothly as possible. All in all, more than 1,000 people attended the fair, which ran won- derfully.

To prepare for the Mexico Mission and future events, GYM held a fundraiser at PizzaRev on June 25. Finally, our annual Summer Mexico Mission takes place on July 16th. The Mexico Mission is a fun experience that allows members to as- sist at an orphanage and rehabilitation center. The mission is not only a time to help others, but to make memories and new friends along the way. I asked Sean Oh, a senior in high school, what event he enjoyed the most thus far, to which he replied,“ The College Fair, because I got a lot of information about different colleges, which is important to me since I am a se- nior.”

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