A plane crash in Taiwan: TransAsia tragedy

February 24, 2015

st00224-03On Wednesday, February fourth, an airplane from TransAsia airlines crashed into a river in Taiwan. This misfortune resulted in thirty-eight innocent deaths, five missing persons, and fifteen survivors with injuries, so far.

This incident has brought attention not only to the passengers of the plane, but also to the pilots’ actions.

A 72-year old survivor, Huang Jin-Sun said that something did not feel right in the plane within a short time span of less than 4 minutes. Additionally, as some passengers were drowning after the plane crashed, he made an effort to help them. If it were not for his aid, several of the passengers would have been soon dead.

The pilots’ last few actions before landing in the water saved many others from getting seriously injured.

TransAsia is one of the largest airlines in Taiwan. Therefore, the pilot was extremely experienced, having flown over 4,900 hours throughout the years. Pilot Liao Chien-tsung, the head pilot in this accident, made a few sharp turns to avoid tall buildings and major infrastructure as the plane suddenly dropped. He purposely landed in a shallow river so that survivors could climb out the airplane.

However, unfortunately, most of the passengers had difficulty escaping from the plane because they had their seat belts buckled, in addition to loads of suitcases blocking them. Despite these challenges, many people praise pilot Liao Chien-tsung as a hero who did his best to minimize the damage to the rest of the surrounding city.

People who lost their lives and brave passengers who tried to help others in such an urgent situation are to be remembered by families and loved ones. Moreover, the courageous pilots who flew the plane should truly be remembered as well.


st00224-03-1 Chaerin Lee
Carden Whittier School 8th Grade


  1. Bob Wright

    February 26, 2015 at 1:52 AM

    People are praising the pilot as a hero? By all indications, the pilots caused the crash by incorrectly handling an engine failure. They shutdown the good engine.

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