[WSJ] Most Dangerous Place to Be a Korean? The Philippines

September 22, 2014

Philippines police downplay the concern that Koreans are being targeted by criminal syndicates and insisted that the country is still a safe destination for Koreans. (Newsis)

[THE WALL STREET JOURNAL] When it comes to the perils of being a Korean overseas, the Philippines has replaced China as the most dangerous destination.

According to Foreign Ministry data recently released by a lawmaker, 780 crimes affected Koreans in the Philippines in 2013, compared with 589 in China, 338 in France.

In 2012, Koreans were affected by 628 crimes in the Philippines and 759 in China.

Last year, 13 Koreans—all locally-based businessmen—were murdered in the Philippines (five were murdered in China). This year, at least eight Koreans have been killed in the Philippines following shootings and abductions, including a 21-year-old female student. [READ MORE]