[WSJ] Korean Chain Tries to Sell Baguettes Back to the French

August 7, 2014


(Courtesy of Paris Baguette)

The 200-square-meter store with 46 seats is located in the Chatelet district of Paris, which is in the vicinity of key tourist attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Louvre Museum. (Courtesy of Paris Baguette)

[THE WALL STREET JOURNAL] “For them to call themselves ‘Paris Baguette’ in Korea is not a problem.  I’d even say it’s funny,” Catherine  Germier-Hamel, the wife of a French diplomat, says. “But if there was a Paris Baguette in France, I think I would be upset.”

Paris Baguette now has come to Paris. The new location, the first in France, is within walking distance of both the Louvre and Notre Dame.

Ms. Germier-Hamel says that her compatriots may not take kindly to new concoctions, like Paris Baguette’s popular “cheese sausage pastry,” which wraps a hot dog in a cheesy glazed pastry, smothered in ketchup and mayonnaise.

“Maybe we are chauvinistic, but French people here don’t think there is any French thing in Paris Baguette,” Ms. Germier-Hamel says. [READ MORE]