Woman says ‘Frozen’ stole her life story

October 1, 2014
Disney's "Frozen"

Disney’s “Frozen”

A Peruvian author is suing Disney for allegedly plagiarizing the story for its hit animation film “Frozen” from her life.

Isabella Tanikumi, who goes by her pseudonym, L. Amy Gonzalez, filed a $250 million lawsuit claiming that elements from the blockbuster were taken from her autobiography “Living My Truth.”

Tanikumi’s life allegedly corresponds with that of the “Frozen” character Ana, who lives in a snowy village, has a sister with different color hair and “writes about her love under the shadows of the moon.”

“This is beyond ridiculous, she needs to let it go,” said a Disney spokeswoman through e-mail, according to CNN Money.

“The Plaintiff has standing to sue as she is the current owner of record of the works that are the subject of copyright infringement, fraud, and plagiarism, titled ‘Living My Truth,’ ‘Yearnings of the Heart,’ with copyright applications filed and perfected,” the lawsuit states.

The book released in 2010 contains 18 “Frozen elements,” according to the lawsuit report filed against The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises Inc, and Disney Worldwide Services Inc. ABC Corp.

Disney claims that “Frozen” is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale “The Snow Queen.”