Why We Should Provide Every Student a Laptop:

October 31, 2017

I believe that laptops should be provided to every student in the school. Laptops help us provide easier academic learning and also in our educational studies. I think that laptops help us with our academics and also support us. If the students get provided laptops, it can help them with their research reports, essays, projects, and homework.

First of all, students can learn important core requirements with the aid of online and digital materials that are available on laptops. Students can learn what they need to know as a requirement in their grade. With programs such as google classroom, teachers can post educational websites for the students to see. The materials in the laptops can also prepare you for tests, by providing practice materials. Students will find working on the laptop more interesting than reading a textbook and take notes.

In addition, teachers may assign the kids homework online. This makes a convenient place for teachers and students to communicate. Also, you will have no excuse in doing homework since you have access to your laptops. When teachers assign online homework, you could easily do it on your laptops. Most importantly, students would be provided by immediate feedback as well. Having immediate feedback are helpful to students because they can fix their problems and know what they got wrong so they could do better next time.

Moreover, many classes and subjects require the use of a computer. It is also more convenient for teachers to teach their students online then setting up a projector. Computers can have easier access to all the knowledge you need. Teachers may give a lesson using laptops, especially ones that can be interactive with the class. Parents would be appreciated that laptops can help students’ education but they can also support the students with a variety of knowledge.

<Minseok (Benjamin) Oh /Foothills Middle School7th grade>


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