[WaPo] Sex tape found near scene of Korean woman’s death, possibly by electrocution, in Va.

January 6, 2016

[The Washington Post] —  Fairfax County police traced the cellphone of a missing and endangered woman to an Annandale home on Dec. 21, according to a search warrant. Officers’ knocks went unanswered, but a bizarre and horrific scene unfolded when they peered through a basement window.

The missing woman, Kum Yeon, 56, of Alexandria, was lying naked on the floor next to a fully clothed 73-year-old man, according to the search warrant. When officers knocked again, the man wrapped what appeared to be an electrical cord around his wrist and began to convulse.

The officers barged into the home and found that the pair were handcuffed together and that the heavy-gauge cord wrapped around the man’s wrist was attached to awls jammed into a circuit breaker — an improvised electrocution device. [READ MORE]