[VOGUE] 5 Korean Models Share the Secrets Behind Their Surreally Good Skin

March 29, 2016


(Courtesy of Jung Ho-yeon / @hoooooyeony)

(Courtesy of Jung Ho-yeon / @hoooooyeony)

[VOGUE] — Backstage at Seoul Fashion Week’s Fall 2016 shows, a group of fresh-faced young models sat chatting away as makeup artists hovered above them with concealer palettes and cushion compacts. Yet in most cases the girls required the most minimal of touch-ups, thanks to the near-flawless complexion and lit-from-within glow that a devotion to Korean skin care can bring. Here, five of the week’s top models share one beauty tip that they’re loving right now—from a hydrating alternative to oil cleanser to the low-key secret to a full pout. [READ MORE]

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