The Reuters Graphic: The Maps and Photos That Show How North Korea Could Attack Guam

August 16, 2017


(Reuters) – North Korea’s threat to fire missiles near the U.S. Pacific territory of Guam has heightened tensions in a world already anxious about the development of Pyongyang’s ballistic missile program.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has delayed a decision on whether to fire the missiles near Guam, but military experts warn he could still go ahead with the plan.

North Korean state media this week offered a glimpse into the strike plan against Guam, home to U.S. air and naval bases and more than 5,000 military personnel.

The pictures showed North Korean generals in a map-filled war room briefing Kim, who was seen pointing at a map reading “Strategic Force’s Firing Strike Plan.”

The Reuters graphics team takes a closer look at the strike plans drawn up by Kim’s generals, why Guam is a potential target, and the defenses the United States and its allies have to respond.

See the interactive graphic here:

(Reporting by Dawn Cai and Chris Inton in Singapore,; Editing by Darren Schuettler)


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