The Power of Music was truly unbeatable

March 7, 2017
Chris D Kim  Cypress High School  10th Grade

Chris D Kim
Cypress High School
10th Grade

On the evening of February 16th, many students and I attended the Asia America Symphony Association Concert. This one was of many concerts Asia America had throughout the year, but the one I went to was particularly special. Called “Seoul Meets Soul,” this event was unlike any other because it brought together two different types of culture to one theatre. An orchestra from the Asia America Symphony Association conducted by Mr. David Benoit collaborated with the Child Fund Youth Dream Orchestra of Korea, one of the biggest child helping non-profit organizations in Korea lead by Maestro Seung Seok Oh. Along with the beautiful masterpieces that were created by the different instruments played by the students, the collaboration also fostered a bonding moment between musicians from the East and West. This was a great opportunity when people from the United States could listen to traditional Korean music and reflect on their responses to each piece.

The evening of musical performances included a special performance by vocalist Kelly Che, originally from Seoul, South Korea. She sang a brilliant vocal cover of Spain which amused the audience, as the accompanying orchestra added to the drama of her rendition. Che also sang many traditional Korean songs that helped further engender an understanding of how Korean language works and contributes to songs. Despite their unfamiliarity with the English language, the student musicians from Korea demonstrated the power and universality of music as language in the way they stayed in sync with American musicians. I also thought that it was brave that Maestro Seung Seok Oh came up to the audience and spoke about his orchestra. Although his grammar and pronunciation weren’t the best, his desire to see his Korean students playing alongside American students was spread throughout the audience in a touching and effective speech. After the concert, I felt that the power of music was truly unbeatable. Although the theatre wasn’t that great, and the audience wasn’t that big, being together and playing in sync was the most meaningful out of it all. If this concert were happening again, I would bring all my friends and let them experience the power of music and harmony. All in all, this was a great experience for me and the audience because it helped us learn about each other’ s traditions and cultures and also have a fun time.


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