The growing concern of mass migration

October 19, 2015
Hannah Cho Harvard-Westlake 11th Grade

By Hannah Cho
11th Grade

As mass migration of refugees cross over from Syria, Egypt and Africa, the role of host countries and their duties come into question.

The wars that have been plaguing the Middle East and Africa have transformed the homes of refugees into centers of civil unrest and conflict. Those seeking a better home and future for their families have crossed through the Balkan route to reach wealthy European countries such as Germany for aid and a place to start anew.

However, with the floods of immigrants moving in through the European countries, there have been backlash and controversy surrounding the obligations these nations have toward the immigrants.

According to CNBC, the recent influx of refugees into Europe has strained the resources of countries such as Greece and Hungary.

Although these migrants are ultimately trying to reach Germany, their passing through Greece has caused unprecedented pressure on these countries.

Adding to the chaos is the divided opinions on how to tackle the pressing issue. According to EU guidelines, asylum seekers have the right to food, shelter, and access to work within the first nine months of their arrival. While some countries such as Britain, France, and Germany have agreed to relocate thousands of migrants into their countries, others such as Austria plan to stop the influx, hoping to move away from the emergency situation and back into normalcy.

With the rapid influx of immigrants, countries are looking into using payments to opt out of the requirement that all countries must accept a certain number of immigrants.


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