South Korea’s domestic films are catching up to foreign pics

December 23, 2014

South Korean films are fast catching up to foreign ones in their home country, this year marking 100 million domestic ticket sales three years in a row, Yonhap reported.

According to the Korean Film Council, South Korean films recorded 100,119,808 ticket sales as of Tuesday in Korea.

That’s in contrast to 104,694,555 sales for foreign films, which took up 51.1 percent of all releases in theaters this year.

In 2012, South Korea — which has a rough population of about 50 million as of 2013 — saw its domestic film ticket sales surpass 100 million for the first time.

This year’s biggest box office hit was “Roaring Currents,” which drew 17.6 million to theaters upon its release in late July.

As of Tuesday, South Korean films had grossed $693 million with 219 films released this year, compared to 183 last year.