Son Heung-min partially wins lawsuit filed by former agent

February 6, 2023

South Korean football star Son Heung-min has partially won a lawsuit filed by his former agent seeking compensation after they parted ways, court sources said Monday.

In the lawsuit, ICT Stellar Korea Co. demanded Son & Football Limited Co., Son’s current agency run by his father, pay for damages amounting to 1.82 billion won (US$1.46 million), allegedly caused by Son’s unilateral termination of an exclusive contract.

The former agency also asked for its share of Son’s profits from commercials until the contract was terminated.

Partially siding with the plaintiff, the Seoul Central District Court ruled on Wednesday that Son & Football only pay the former agency its share of Son’s earnings from four advertisements. The ordered amount was a combined 247 million won.

The court did not recognize an alleged contract signed between Son and the former agency, citing the possibility that Son and his father’s signatures could have been forged.

Tottenham Hotspur’s Son departed ICT Stellar Korea in 2019 after nearly 10 years together.