SF Korean festival to celebrate independence, community foundation

August 12, 2015
A Taekwondo team will perform at San Francisco's Korean Day Cultural Festival Aug. 15.

A Taekwondo team will perform at San Francisco’s Korean Day Cultural Festival Aug. 15.

By The Korea Times San Francisco staff

San Francisco looks to greet the 70th anniversary of Korean independence this Saturday with its annual Korean Day Cultural Festival, to be held in Union Square at 10 a.m.

Put on by the local Korean American Association, the festival will celebrate not just independence but also the 60th anniversary of the association’s foundation.

“We’ve completed preparations for this to be a festival filled with things to see and things to eat,” said William Kim, head of the preparation committee.

Performers will include pop group Astral, K-pop World Festival winners SoNE1 and XTRIM, Taekwondo demonstrators, traditional Korean dance teams and string musicians, including noted gayageum player Oh Soo-bin.

During a dinner with the Taekwondo team that will perform at the event, KAASF President Thomas Kim said he hopes they will do their best.

“Welcome to San Francisco, where the independence movement started,” Kim said.



  1. George Kim

    August 14, 2015 at 12:53 PM

    I’m surprised that this event was not very well publicized? Korea’s 70th anniversary of Independence from Japanese rule, freeing of prisoners etc. I plan to be there.

    • Chuck Lem

      August 5, 2016 at 11:43 AM

      I agree. This was the second year that I missed the event because there was no advertisement even after looking extensively on the web. This year 2016 looks like the same problem. If you know if the event will be held this year, please let me know!