Seoul court upholds censure of unethical TV drama

January 25, 2016
(Courtesy of MBC)

(Courtesy of MBC)

SEOUL (Yonhap) — The Seoul Administrative Court on Monday upheld the broadcasting watchdog’s censure of a TV drama embroiled with immorality and violent language.

The court ruled as “fair and legitimate” the Korea Communications Commission (KCC)’s punitive actions against MBC’s drama series “Apgujeong Midnight Sun” which was aired from October 2014 to May last year.

The terrestrial broadcasting company filed litigation with the Seoul court last year after the broadcasting commission censured those involved in the drama production.

In the punitive action, the commission explained the drama deserved censorship for arousing sensationalism with too many violent and unethical scenes. It was the first time that a TV broadcasting company filed administrative litigation with the court in protest against the broadcasting watchdog’s punitive actions.

Despite the drama’s preposterous and nonsensical situation with a revenge storyline, the drama received high viewership ratings of up to 19.1 percent last year.

The drama was also criticized for unrealistically overcomplicating the relationships between characters in an attempt to maximize drama.

In the verdict, the court said the terrestrial TV broadcaster is responsible for airing programs that should be suitable for the ethical standards and sentiments of all family members during their normal viewing hours.