Seed planted in the Native Seed Farm

August 19, 2015

My experience as a volunteer at the Native Seed Farm has helped me expand my passion to help the environment and broaden my understanding of plant growth.

Hanqing Joy Gong  Crean Lutheran High  12th grade

Hanqing Joy Gong
Crean Lutheran High
12th grade

I remember the first day of volunteering vividly, when I first saw lots of plants grow in the dry dirt. Our volunteer coordinator proceeded to show us how to collect the seed from these plants.

For the first plant, she taught us to cut the branch, and then saved them to use the branches to grow new trees. For the second row, our volunteer coordinator taught us a different way to collect the different kinds of seed.

Such a method involved shaking the plants in a bucket, in which the seeds would hit side of bucket then fall into the bottom. This procedure helped provide firsthand experience as to how seeds can be most effectively collected.

In addition to collecting seeds, volunteers gained experience related to laboratory procedures and observations. For example, at another location of the Native Seed Farm, I had the opportunity to observe countless small test tubes with the plants in it. The purpose of this arrangement is so that when the plants in the test tubes become big enough, the other volunteers are able to replant them in the field.

Most importantly, this project has continuously helped me understand the functioning of restoration efforts.

The economic benefits of this project include the fact that the staff members of this farm only need to hire volunteers to help them, which allows the farm to run at lower costs. Fortunately, volunteers are plentiful during each season, so there has never been a shortage of people to help harvest seeds and grow plants.

The social benefit of this project is that the Native Seed Farm is able to promote and raise awareness of nature preservation and appreciation.

Additionally, this project gives lots of people the chance to learn how to harvest seeds and how to grow plants. This is a very special experience for many people.

Ultimately, the environmental benefits of this project truly builds stronger growth measures for native plants, which continue to play important roles in the local community.




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