Samsung starts selling Gear VR in US market

December 9, 2014
(Korea Times file)

(Korea Times file)

By Bahk Eun-ji

Samsung Electronics started selling Gear VR, a virtual reality headset, in the United States Tuesday.

Users of Galaxy Note 4 smartphones can use the device as Note 4 is linked to the Gear VR to provide mobile virtual reality display.

Samsung developed the program in partnership with Oculus, an American virtual reality technology company.

“This is just the first step toward true consumer mobile VR,” said Oculus on its website. “Though it’s missing several key components for comfort and presence, we’re working with Samsung to improve in every vertical including optics, distortion, heat, weight, ergonomics, tracking and display tech.” it said.

The Gear VR is available through AT&T and Samsung’s U.S. website for $199.