Project Jacquard: Weaving Technology into Clothing

June 15, 2015

st0615-02-1In the past, the world has fantasized about the future hypothesizing everything to be a touch screen of some kind, and today, Google has brought the world a little closer to that fantasized world with Project Jacquard.

Currently, Google is working with Levi’s in order to combine clothes and computers.

The idea is to weave in conductive yarns into our everyday clothing, while adding a small computer-like machine, no bigger than a button, to power the yarns for mechanical use.

Functions of these powered yarns include serving as trackpads or buttons that are able to transmit information to nearby smartphones or laptops.

The conductive yarns and the chip powering those yarns will be incorporated into the clothing so discreetly that a person could not tell the difference between regular clothing and clothing produced by the ingenuity of Project Jacquard.

The purpose of Project Jacquard is to merge technology with everyday items in order to make the lives of many who are busy and active ultimately easier and make the technology more available.

The conductive yarns in the clothing are able to sense and capture the motions by person wearing the clothes and wirelessly transmit the interactions the conductive yarns captured.

In order to slowly assimilate these types of clothing into people’s lives Google has partnered with Levis. The end goal for Project Jacquard is to have mass integration of life and technology for the benefit of everyday people.


st0615-02 Joshua Hong
Webb School 12th Grade

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