Othello by the Sea

August 3, 2016

My Shakespeare organization, Shakespeare for All, went to watch a Shakespeare play orga- nized by“Shakespeare by the Sea.” We arrived at San Pedro on Saturday night, 6:30 pm, for the second time to watch the play“Othello.” Last week was“ Cymbeline,” a play that we have analyzed together. This time was exciting be- cause I have never read Othello.

Samuel Eun John Burroughs Middle School 7th Grade

Samuel Eun
John Burroughs Middle School 7th Grade

As I watched“Othello” for the first time, I understood clearly what was going on. Othello was a black king that married a white king’ s daughter, Desdemona. They were happy to- gether until, Iago, the mastermind villain of the play, came and manipulated people of influence and desperateness. Two great examples would be Michael Cassio and Roderigo. Michael Cassio, being the young and inexperienced lieutenant with a high position, is extremely ashamed after being fired from his position. Iago quickly used this to his advantage, by promising Cassio’ s po- sition back, he played on Othello’ s insecurities of Desdemona. Roderigo is a jealous suitor of Desdemona. He was convinced that if he gave Iago all of his money, Iago would help him win Desdemona’ s hand. He even went to agreeing to kill Cassio. When things got a little more out of hand than Iago expected, Othello kills Des- demona.

I liked how this story really highlighted that too much power is bad. Cassio, with a person- ality of influence, took too much power and ended with people dead. I liked how the story made me feel Iago was a good guy, and made me feel sad as he revealed himself as the mas- termind villain. The actors played the characters as if they were truly them.

The play had perfectly timed intermissions for us to take a quick break or stretch our legs. The scenery is eye catching as well. After the show was over I would go watch the sea. The sea was beautiful in that time of the night. The moon was in that perfect angle to reflect off the sea in the most beautiful way. The actors are nice as well. When the show ended we went up to take a big group picture.

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