One killed, two injured in Salinas robbery

August 18, 2014
Behind the counter at Hot Stop, located at 11 Williams Rd. in Salinas

Behind the counter at Hot Stop, located at 11 Williams Rd. in Salinas, California

A Korean-owned market in Salinas, California, was the scene of a fatal robbery Saturday.

Oh Sook-mi, 56, died of a gunshot to her chest after being transported to Salinas Memorial Hospital. Two others were injured.

According to police records released Saturday, two masked robbers entered the market, Hot Stop, around 9:40 p.m.

One of the robbers told Oh Eun-jung and Oh-Sook-mi, the market owner’s sister-in-law, to open the cash register. They were having late dinner inside the market. When they could not get it open, the robbers began shooting, police said.

Oh Yong-yeon, 63, owner of the market, was organizing drinks in a refrigerator in the back when he heard the commotion. The robbers saw him, shot but missed, he told police.

His wife, Oh Eun-jung, 63, was shot in the stomach and arm, while customer Won Nak-yeon, 59, sustained an arm injury from a grazing bullet wound.

Oh Eun-jung was taken to Salinas Trauma Center by helicopter and remained in critical condition Saturday. As of Sunday, she reportedly underwent successful surgery and is expected to recover.

Won was treated and is now resting at home.

The market has been operated by Oh Yong-yeon for seven or eight years.

“I’ve seen a lot of incidents during the past 20 years in this area, but this is the first time a Korean has been shot and killed,” a Korean businessowner in the area said. “We Korean Americans need to come together and help each other in times like this.”

Police are still looking for the suspects. If you have information, call the tip line at 1-800-78-CRIME.