[NYT] Dr. Woo, the Tattoo Artist for the Hollywood Set

December 22, 2014
(Screen capture from Instagram)

(Screen capture from Instagram)


LOS ANGELES — A dog on a finger. A hummingbird behind an ear. Mickey Mouse on a wrist.

These intricate, unconventional tattoos are the handiwork of Brian Woo, a 33-year-old tattoo artist in Los Angeles with a huge following on Instagram (more than 320,000) and a string of celebrity clients including Drake, Ellie Goulding and the actress Sarah Hyland.

Quick-witted and eminently chill, able to render all manner of subjects with a level of detail that might have made M. C. Escher raise an eyebrow, Mr. Woo (friends and fans call him “Dr. Woo”) has become an in-demand tattoo artist for the Hollywood set. To sport his signage is to be at once trendy and timeless.