Now Showing at Madang Mall CGV

November 1, 2013

Highly acclaimed Korean psychological thriller ”Blood and Ties” starring Son Ye-jin 

A scene from "Blood Ties."  (CJ Entertainment)

A scene from Blood and Ties.

“The cruelest suspicion is about to start.”

Now showing at the CGV Cinema in Madang Mall (621 S. Western Avenue) in Los Angeles is the critically acclaimed Korean psychological thriller Blood and Ties (the Korean title is Gong-bum, meaning – The Accomplice).

After a much-publicized child murder case goes unsolved for almost 15 years, with the statute of limitations about to expire, Daeun (Son Ye-jin) begins to discover disturbing clues that her beloved father (Kim Kap-soo) might be the killer.

The 95-minute movie has drawn raves review from Korean critics, especially for Son Ye-jin and Kim Kap-soo’s compelling acting performance, and for the fact that the story unfolds not from the victims’ view as usual, but from the view of the criminal’s family and the criminal himself. It attempts to remind us that every criminal also has a family, and what trauma and dilemma they must go through also.

This movie won the weekend box office for the last week of October in Korea, bringing in over 648,000 moviegoers during its opening weekend.

The Los Angeles Times says Blood and Ties ratchets up the tension and that an American remake seems likely.

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