NK movie to be screened in US

January 15, 2014
Movie "The Other Side of the Mountain" (New Jersey Film Festival Website)

Movie “The Other Side of the Mountain” (New Jersey Film Festival Website)

Jan 24 at the New Jersey Film Festival

The first co-production film between North Korea and the United States will be screened during the opening ceremony for the New Jersey Film Festival 2014, which kicks off on Jan. 24, according to the Radio Free Asia (RFA).

The film, titled “The Other Side of The Mountain” was produced in 2012 and has since been screened in two international film festivals ㅡ Hawaii International Film Festival in 2012 and Peace On Earth Film Festival in Chicago last year, RFA reported.

According to the upcoming festival’s website (www.njfilmfest.com), the movie is about a love story between a wounded South Korean soldier and a North Korean nurse.

Bae Byung-jun, a Korean-American businessman, reportedly raised funds for the film and also created its story line. The film was recorded in several cities in North Korea, including Pyongyang, Gaesung and Shineuiju, and and all actors and staffers were North Korean.